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How to Compact a Microsoft Database in Access 2007

I was working in MS Access 2007 and after all my changes, Moving / Adding /Deleting / Updating tables etc, I normally go and do a “Compaq and Repair” on the database. With the new “Ribbon Menu” … I was not able to find it! Finally I found it, but wow… Logically, I expected to be in the “Database Tools” section of the Ribbon but it was not there, I search all over this new Ribbon Menu System… after a while I gave up and tried Microsoft web site’s for help… but nothing there either. How can something so commonly use be lost? … any-way


1. Click on the “Round Office Bottom” (upper left side), Manage. Compaq and Repair Database.

2. Another solution is to add the “Compaq and Repair Database” to the “Quick Access Toolbar”: Next to Round Office Bottom” you will find other commands like “Save”, “Undo”… to the right there is a kind of down arrow – press on the arrow and click on more commands, now change the list of commands to show you “All Commands” scroll down to find “Compaq and Repair Database” and click on “Add” to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar.

I had a hard time finding this so I hope my notes will help you!

Cesar Lopez
Best Networks Inc

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